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Quarter Subscription: Spiral Bound Planner - SHIPPPING INCL.

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Subscribe and receive the greatly discounted price above, which will be charged to your credit card every 3 months. SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE. Subscription cost will be charged to your credit card once every 3 months (i.e. once a quarter).  Cancel at any time.

Features of this "spiral" version

• Acid-free, easy writing, archive, high quality paper
• Heavier card-stock paper for calendar pages for quick referencing
• Small, thin, and light weight enough to take with you every day
• Complete spiral binding so planner can flip around to double or single width
• Quality designed to last the whole quarter with or without optional planner cover
• Plastic page protector in back to hold loose papers
• Plastic business card holder in back for pictures or small cards
• Designed to be used with or without the optional address book
• Four planner colors, a different one for each quarter
• Dimensions "closed" (including 5/8" spiral binding): 6" x 8 ½"
• Dimensions "opened lying flat": 11" x 8 ½"
• Maximum thickness: 5/8" (spiral diameter)

The Success Choice Planner™:
The Success Choice Planner™ is the most complete planner.  It's not just a day planner-it's a life planner designed to bring you joy.

Key Benefits:

• Achieve balance
• Achieve order
• Achieve joy

This planner is a tool to serve you. The planner is packed with useful tools to use as you grow into them. (Notice page layouts below and on the web links above)

• Journaling or notes pages
• Year, mid-year, month, week, and daily goal planners
• Year and weekly reflection
• Monthly focus with tips and quotes throughout planner to aid you in your inner journey
• Weekly refining of major purpose
• Goal planning in every area of balance
• Two-page monthly planning calendar
• Health tracker, fruits and vegetables in season, and menu/shopping planners.
• Fun monthly ideas and traditions to keep balanced and strengthen relationships
• Monthly, weekly, and daily checklists to maintain order, peace, and beauty in your home and yard.
• Expense/mileage tracker, future month/year planner
• And More

Choose joy today, subscribe now.


Subscription Details:

The first quarter you receive with this subscription will be a complete quarter We know you want to receive the very best value. Therefore, this subscription starts with the next "complete" quarter instead of the current "partial" quarter. To provide enough time for unforeseen shipping delays, if your subscription order occurs within 10 days of the "next" quarter we will start your subscription with the "next-following" planner quarter. See below:

• If you want to start in January (i.e. receive the year of planners Jan thru Dec), order anytime between Sept 21st and Dec 21st.
• If you want to start in April (i.e. receive the year Apr thru Mar), order anytime between Dec 22nd and Mar 21st.
• If you want to start in July (i.e. receive the year July thru June), order anytime between Mar 22nd and June 20th.
• If you want to start in October (i.e. receive the year Oct thru Sept), order anytime between June 21st and Sept 20th.

To receive the current quarter: If the current quarter is not sold out, with your initial subscription order you will receive a Discount Coupon for an additional 50% off the purchase of the "current quarter's" planner (while supplies last) so you can start right away if you wish.

NOTE: Gift Certificates and Coupon Codes can not be used with SUBSCRIPTIONS (i.e. reoccurring payments from a credit card) but may be used with our other products.


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